The Next Steps

This stage of our Synod Journey explores the Synod Themes and the develops proposals for action that will go forward to our Synod Day for voting.

Local Exploration of Themes

Each of our four Themes has its own period of reflection and exploration:During these times Synod Members will create opportunities in parishes and local communities to reflect on the Theme and develop proposals for action in response. 

Synod Members will receive all proposals made in Parishes on each Theme and, after the closing date, they will gather together a small parish team to discern which proposals (up-to 5) will be submitted to the Synod Office.

In addition: Anyone can submit a proposals via this website.

The same pattern is repeated for each Theme.

Discerning the Final Synod Proposals

By Easter 2020 all the proposals will have been received from parishes and via the online platform. These will be subject to a basic sifting to remove repetitions and any proposals that we are unable to deal with at a Diocesan Synod. 

Synod Members will then attend one of a series of Proposals Meetings that will take place around the Archdiocese to discern which should go forward.

The final list of Proposals for the Synod will be published by Archbishop Malcolm in consultation with the Synod Working Party and will be presented to Members on 19 and 20 June 2020. They will be presented to the whole Archdiocese shortly afterwards.