Synod Survey

In paragraph 171 of Evangelii Gaudium – The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis says, “listening is an openness of heart which makes it possible for us to enter the paths of growth that God wants for us.”

This survey will help us to become the Church that we are called by God to be. Before you begin, pause and ask God to help you to listen with an open heart.

This is not a commercial survey, this act that you are about to take part in is an action of Synodality. It is the Church working together.

The heart of this survey are the four Synod questions which begin from the truth that God speaks to us in our everyday lives and, as we reflect on our lives, we encounter Christ (c.f. Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium 8).

We are then invited to think about what the Catholic Church is for. This will allow the Spirit of God to open our hearts so that, finally, we can reflect on the questions, issues, and topics that our Synod should make recommendations on. 

Please make this prayer as you begin:

Father, I thank you 
for the love you have shown me
in the gift of Jesus, your Son.
I thank you for the gift of the Church,
through which you show me
that you are always with me
and are always at work in my life.

Help me to play my part 
in enabling the Church to become what you are calling her to be.
May your Holy Spirit be powerfully at work in me. 
Help me to respond
to the challenges of our times in new ways
to bring your love to all my sisters and brothers.

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Please note that the Synod Survey will close on Sunday 30 June 2019