Summary of Proposals: Sharing the mission of Jesus

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The Synod affirms that we are passionate about sharing with all people the Good News of the saving power of Jesus.

2.1 The Synod proposes that the Archdiocese develop a new framework for evangelisation to include (but not restricted to) a bespoke Archdiocesan course for evangelisation and to ensure that our preparation and celebration of sacraments makes the most of the opportunity to evangelise.

2.2 The Synod proposes that each parish, in collaboration with neighbouring parishes, undertakes an annual programme of evangelisation/mission.

2.3 The Synod proposes that there is a review and reform of the catechetical processes of the Archdiocese to better suit the faith development needs of our age.

2.4 In the light of COVID-19 we have discovered a new depth of what Eucharist means. The Synod proposes that programmes of sacramental formation are adapted to reflect this.

The Synod affirms that mission must be central in our understanding of the Church that God is calling us to be.

2.5 The Synod proposes that the Archdiocese heed the call of Pope Francis to be brave and courageous in renewing structures so that they are at the service of mission rather than self-preservation.

2.6 The Synod proposes that there should be a review and reconfiguration of the pastoral area structure.

The Synod affirms the value of formation so that people are able to play their part in the mission of evangelisation.

2.7 The Synod proposes that the Archdiocese reviews how it offers formation and Catholic teaching for life, from the cradle to the grave.

2.8 The Synod proposes that the Archdiocese provides opportunities for conversations about aspects of church teaching that some people find difficult.

2.9 In the light of the Archdiocese becoming increasingly multicultural and ethnically diverse the Synod proposes that this is reflected in the way religious education and formation is delivered.

Catholic Social Teaching
The Synod affirms the value of the rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching and the call for this to be lived more fully in the day-to-day life of the Archdiocese.

2.10 The Synod proposes that, in order to form the faithful for practical action, resources are developed that allow Catholic Social Teaching to be an integral part of formation, catechesis and homilies.

Care of Creation
The Synod affirms the clear teachings from successive popes and the prophetic voice of our young people calling us to put care for creation at the forefront of our mission.

2.11 The Synod proposes that the Archdiocese and all its parishes become Live Simply communities.

2.12 The Synod proposes that the Archdiocese works towards a renewed understanding of Laudato Si’.

2.13 The Synod proposes that every school and parish community develop and implement a five, ten and fifteen year environmental plan based on the principles of Laudato Si’.

2.14 The Synod proposes that care for creation should be a standing item on parish council agendas.

Love of Neighbour
The Synod affirms that we are moved with compassion by the suffering of the poor, weak, marginalised, lonely, and vulnerable in our society.

2.15 The Synod proposes that pastoral areas or clusters of parishes work together to reflect on the needs of the communities they serve, the support available and effective responses.

2.16 The Synod proposes that, following on from lessons learnt and the experiences lived at the time of the pandemic, the parishes of the Archdiocese should always be at the forefront of reaching out to those in most need.

2.17 The Synod proposes that every parish be committed to having some form of social welfare group or action.

2.18 The Synod proposes a more strategic approach to charitable giving and fundraising with each pastoral area selecting a charitable cause to support each year.

2.19 The Synod proposes that we find ways, at Archdiocesan, parish, and individual level, to humbly and honestly look at racism in the Church.

Use of Resources
The Synod affirms that in the Archdiocese of Liverpool there is a wealth of resources available and that these are most valuable when shared for the benefit of all.

2.20 The Synod proposes that, within some of the large pastoral areas, clusters of parishes are established in order to share skills, resources, and best practice.

2.21 The Synod proposes that, when the temptation to focus on local needs is great, we never forget the greater needs elsewhere.

Use of Buildings
The Synod affirms that our buildings are a huge resource that are, in places, underused and should be used more flexibly in service of mission and evangelisation.

2.22 The Synod proposes that the Archdiocese, in collaboration with local communities and ecumenical partners, undertake a systematic and innovative review of the buildings we have in our parishes with a view to their better use to serve the mission of the Church.

The Synod affirms the power and opportunities of new communications technology to enrich our mission of evangelisation.

2.23 The Synod proposes that the Archdiocese develops a new communication and media strategy that enables people to learn, be informed, communicate and evangelise.

2.24 In the light of COVID-19 people have discovered the power of creative online ministry. The Synod proposes that a working party of priests and laity is established to further develop creative online ministries for our Archdiocese.

Children & Young People
The Synod affirms children and young people as valued members of the community.

2.25 The Synod proposes that there are regular, well-advertised opportunities for worship, service and socialising for young people across pastoral areas.

The Synod affirms that schools can be an important tool in evangelisation but recognises that many are concerned that they are not always effective in handing on the faith.

2.26 The Synod proposes that the links between schools and parishes are strengthened to better serve the mission of the Church.

2.27 The Synod proposes that the Archdiocese review the teaching of the Catholic Faith in our schools.

Groups and Societies
The Synod affirms the great value that many people find in groups and sodalities within the Church.

2.28 The Synod proposes that in each pastoral area there be opportunities available to belong to small groups for formation, prayer, socialising and action.