Next Steps

The summary proposals and ideas on each Synod Theme are presented in a standard format where an affirmation is followed by one or more proposals.

Between Synod Sunday and the beginning of December Synod Members will share these summaries in the communities of the Archdiocese and invite thoughts, reflections, and responses.

In the week beginning 7 December Synod Members will be asked to indicate (via an online portal) 5 proposals and 2 affirmations they are most drawn to under each Theme.

We are using the phrase they are most drawn to very specifically because we want Members to listen to their heart, listen to the community they are part of, and in the light of this listening ask themselves: What are the affirmations and proposals I am most drawn to?

The information shared with us in December will then be discerned by the Synod Working Party to produce the final list of Synod Proposals which will be presented to you in March 2021.

From March to June 2021 Members will discern again by sharing the final list of Synod Proposals in preparation for coming to the Synod in June.

The Pastoral Plan will be promulgated on the 1st Sunday of Advent, 28 November 2021.