Summary of Proposals Published

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On our third Synod Sunday, 18 October 2020, we published the summary of all the proposals submitted on our four Synod Themes. This was to have been the Sunday of our Synod weekend when we would have presented the deliberations of the Synod at a Mass in the Cathedral. As you know the Synod timetable has been revised due to the on-going pandemic and we will now do this in June 2021.

The journey and the work of the Synod has not stopped. The Synod Working Party received over 3,500 proposals and reflections on the Themes, which also included the proposals and reflections made in the light of COVID-19. This huge response gave the Synod Working Party their task during “lockdown.”

Everything that was submitted for each Theme was looked at by different groups made up of working party members and others. Their task was to discern all the issues that you were bringing before the Synod. One aspect to emerge from this work has been that in many cases what was submitted highlighted an area or issue that was seen to be important even though there may not have been an immediately practical suggestion of a proposal. So the summary that is now being shared honours this by including a number of affirmation statements alongside practical proposals. We shared all this with people outside the whole process for their comments and deliberations to ensure that we didn’t miss any strand of idea or proposal that you had put forward. What you receive today is our best attempt at faithfully honouring all that you have said, even if you do not see, word for word, the proposal that you made.

We are now placing before you the proposals and affirmations for you to consider. Even though we are still going through a period of uncertainty we can now confidently move forward to the next steps in discerning what kind of Church God is calling us to be.

Fr Philip Inch and Fr Matthew Nunes
Synod Moderators