Other Prayer Resources

Here you will find various prayer resources including an archive of Synod 2020 materials.

Synod Hymn: Together on the Road
Music Video | Instrumental Version

Reflections for Easter 2019
Our Easter reflections introduced our Synod Questions with Gospel reflections over four consecutive Sundays beginning with the third Sunday of Easter (5 May 2019).
  • Third Sunday of Easter (5 May): Breakfast on the Shore
  • Fourth Sunday of Easter (12 May): I know my sheep and they follow me
  • Fifth Sunday of Easter (19 May): Love one another
  • Sixth Sunday of Easter (26 May): The Spirit will teach you everything

  • Lenten Reflections 2019
    Reflecting on some major themes of Evangelii Gaudium in relation to the Gospel stories during Lent.
  • Introduction to the Resource
  • First Sunday: The Temptations of Jesus
  • Second Sunday: The Transfiguration
  • Third Sunday: The Parable of the Fig Tree
  • Fourth Sunday: The Prodigal Son
  • Fifth Sunday: The Woman taken in Adultery

  • Prayer Card for the Eucharistic Congress and Synod 2020
    For the year of prayer from October 2017
    Download Front | Download Back

    Archbishop's Holy Hour
    Events around the diocese during the first half of 2018
    Download Liturgy Booklet

    Pentecost Prayer Card
    Pentecost 2018 Novena of Prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit in preparation for the Eucharistic Congress and Synod 2020