Week of Prayer for our Synod

Wednesday the 2nd of June

As we come towards the culmination of our Synod 2020 process, we turn once again to prayer, the source of all of our discernment and the core of our work through our Synod process.

On Sunday the 13th of June we start our Week of Prayer for our Synod and invite you and everyone in your parishes, schools, chaplaincies and other communities to join with us as we pray for our Synod.

Below are the prayers we will be praying each day from the 13th until the 20th of June. Please do join us in prayer each day when you’re able to, or join us on our Synod Youtube or Facebook page at 12 noon where the prayers will be shared each day from different places around the Archdiocese. A version that can be printed and added to parish newsletters is on our resource page.

Week of Prayer for Our Synod

Sunday 13th June – Sunday 20th June 2021


Father of love and compassion,

with trust in your great mercy we place our Synod into your hands.

Be with each member of our Synod

and guide them with the help of Your Holy Spirit.

Give us all the wisdom and the courage

to respond in new ways to the challenges we face

 and to the needs of our brothers and sisters,

so that we may become ever more closely

the Church you are calling us to be.

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.


Sunday 13th June 

Today we pray for an end to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For all who have been bereaved

For all who have lost their employment and face a worrying future

For all who work with the sick

For those who still feel isolated and forgotten

For our brothers and sisters across the world who need medical assistance and access to vaccines.

And we commend to your mercy Lord all who have died. 

Welcome them into your Kingdom.

Father of love and compassion …


Monday 14th June 

We pray for families and for those who live alone

For those who are separated or estranged from those they love

For those living with addiction and the consequences of addiction

For all who live with poor health and for those who care for them

For families and individuals who live with poverty and debt

We pray for all who have had to leave their homes in search of a safe place to live

Lord, show us how we might be of service those who need our help.

Father of love and compassion …


Tuesday 15th June  

Today we pray for all who work in our schools and colleges

For our parish catechists

For parents and grandparents as they seek to hand on their faith to their children

For all who work to share the Good News of God’s mercy in the world today

Father of love and compassion …

Wednesday 16th June  

Today we pray for all who live without faith, 

that the love of God will enlighten their hearts and minds.

We ask God’s blessing on us all as we try to find new ways 

to share the message of the Gospel in our world today. 

Father of love and compassion …


Thursday 17th June  

Today we thank God for the beauty of the world God has given us

We pray for a better living out of our stewardship of the earth

For those most at risk from climate change

For action from governments across the world to protect the environment

For all of us to play our part in caring for our world 

and using more responsibly the good things God has given us. 

Father of love and compassion …


Friday 18th June 

We pray today for all those called to lead and to minister in the Church

For Pope Francis, Archbishop Malcolm and Bishop Tom

For our Parish Priests,

For all Priests, Deacons and members of religious communities.

We pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life where they are most needed

We pray that all the members of God’s Church may live out their vocation with joy and with courage.

Father of love and compassion …


Saturday 19th June 

We pray today for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for all the members of our Synod.

May God grant them the wisdom, understanding and courage that they need to hear and to respond generously to the call of the Holy Spirit.

We pray for all the members of our Church, that we commit ourselves to being open to God’s call to service in our parishes, in our work and among our families and friends. 

Father of love and compassion …


Sunday 20th June 

Today we thank God for the work of our Archdiocesan Synod and for everyone who has played a part in this great moment of discernment. 

We ask God to continue to guide us as we journey together as His Church.

We pray that when that when we hear the Lord’s invitation to follow him we will do so 

with faith in our lives, with hope in our hearts and with His love in every action.

Father of love and compassion …