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The Church in an Individualistic Society

Tuesday the 17th of March

Over 120 people attended the fifth of our Synod Talks held at LACE on Monday 17 February. Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth gave the talk entitled: The Church in an Individualistic Society: Today's Economic Inequality - Where is the Church? which explored the currents evident in contemporary culture, what the Gospel of Christ says about them, and the pastoral approaches the Catholic community might take. 

You can listen to this talk below - or download it to your device to listen later by clicking the three vertical dots and selecting Download. The transcript is also available to read by clicking here.

The next Synod Talk, The Church as Fragmented Mirror by David McLoughlin takes place at 7:30pm on Monday 9 March at LACE Conference Centre [Croxteth Drive, L17 1AA]. All welcome. 

Full information about this series of talk including the audio and text of previous talks is available on the Synod Talks page of this website.