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Synod around the Archdiocese

Monday the 3rd of June

Our Synod Listening is in full swing around the Archdiocese and Synod Members are finding a whole array of creative and inspirational ways of inviting as many people as possible to reflect on and respond to our Synod Questions.

In St John’s, Kirkdale, a whole programme of Synod activities is underway including adoration, Synod Listening, and days when the Church will be open and prayer stations available to encourage reflection on the Synod Questions.

In their efforts to ensure we engage with as wide a constituency as possible we have seen flyer being displayed around Ainsdale - including the one pictured in a Bike Shop/Café – advertising the Synod. The same parishes, Sacred Heart and St John Stone, held a Synod Listening for their little church with the children thinking about some of the things they would change about Church.

Schools have been heavily involved too with listening taking place with children, staff, governors, or parents in various school communities. At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Penketh there was a Mission Day on the theme of Synod 2020 during which the children had the opportunity to reflect on the sort of Church they want to grow up into.

Other parishes, including St John Vianney in Halewood, have been using our Easter reflections as a way of inviting the whole Sunday congregation to respond to the four questions over successive weekends. Elsewhere Synod Members are making paper surveys available for those who are unable to attend meetings or access the online survey.

In preparation for the local listening the Chorley Pastoral Area held a Question Time event (pictured below) where a panel of Fr Graeme Dunne (Parish Priest), Fr Francis Marsden (Dean), Kate Wilkinson (School Chaplain), Canon Cynthia Dowdle (Anglican Chaplain to Liverpool Hope University), and Dominic Murphy (Synod Member for Chorley representing Young People) answered questions for over two hours from an audience of nearly 90 people.

Many Members are reaching out to Care Homes and our Members from Nugent Care have produced this easy read leaflet to support this work, particularly where some residents may have dementia. Members are doing much to reach out to the margins and those who are often overlooked; listening is being done in prisons, hospitals, and at various projects that serve the most vulnerable in our communities.

These are just a handful of the many creative and brilliant ways in which Synod Members are listening to the entire community of the Archdiocese and involving as many people as possible in Synod 2020. Please do let the Synod Office know what you are doing in your parishes and Pastoral Areas, share things on Social Media, and celebrate great projects that are happening locally as we undertake this great task of listening.