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Lively and challenging discussions at Synod Open Meetings

Thursday the 15th of November

Over 800 people attended one of five Synod Open Meetings held around the Archdiocese over the last few weeks to hear about and share their own thoughts and reflections on the vision and practical arrangements for our Synod 2020 journey. 

If you were not able to attend any of these Open Meetings then the presentation and slides are available below for you to look through and hear something of what was shared at the events. These resources will also be useful for local meetings to share the vision further still.

Alongside the many comments and questions during the meetings there were hundreds more written questions handed in. These are being gone through and replies being prepared which will be shared in a Synod Newsletter and on this website as soon as they become available.

Alongside these Open Meetings, a gathering of Young People was organised by Animate Youth Ministries. 10 young people came together from various parts of the diocese for a challenging and mature discussion about their anxieties, hopes, and dreams for the Church.

At the end of the discussion, described by Fr Simon Gore as a great highlight of his time at Animate, the young people relaxed over a meal followed by fireworks.

The Synod Office and Animate Youth Ministries are working closely together to ensure that the voice of young Catholics is heard throughout our Synod Journey and that young people are actively involved in every aspect of our Synod.