The Members' Role

Download: The Role of the Synod Member

The role of a Synod Member should be uplifting, inspiring, and rewarding but it will also be a demanding and busy task. The one-and-a-half days of the Synod itself will be the climax of a journey that begins in February 2019 with the Synod Opening Ceremony and the first of the Meetings of Members.

Members will be trained in discernment and go back to their parishes to listen to the concerns, needs, and reflections of their local community. From these conversations around the diocese the themes of the Synod will emerge and Members will take these back to their local community where they will begin to be formulated into the concrete proposals that Synod will vote upon in 2020.

This timetable gives an illustration of Members' commitment over the two years of the Synod journey.

Sunday 3 FebruarySynod Opening Ceremony
9 or 13 or 16 FebruaryMeeting of Members (Members attend any one of the three)
Lent 2019Discernment Preparation (Various Dates)
29 April - 10 MayPastoral Area gathering of all Members
May - JuneListening and discernment in parishes (Member-led)
21 or 25 or 28 SeptemberMeeting of Members (Members attend any one of these)
October - January 2020Pastoral Area Pre-Synod I (One in each PA)
February - MayPastoral Area Pre-Synod II
13 or 17 or 20 JuneMeeting of Members (Members attend any one of the three)
June - OctoberLocal Meetings (Member-led) to look at Synod Proposals
17 OctoberSynod Saturday (Sunloch Suite, Aintree)
18 OctoberSynod Sunday (Cathedral)
25 OctoberMembers present outcomes in their parishes

The Synod Office is here to support Members every step of the way and, in particular, we promise that:

Download: The Role of the Synod Member