Selecting Synod Members

Synod Members have been selected from the parish communities, Pastoral Areas, agencies and areas of our Archdiocese and have been chosen to ensure that the rich diversity of our Archdiocesan Community is represented. Every priest with an appointment in the Archdiocese will be a Synod Member ex officio.

Each parish was asked to choose one Synod Member from among the faithful and Pastoral Areas each send an additional 8 members. Parish Priests facilitated the selection in the parish and Deans facilitated it in the Pastoral Areas. Other Synod members will be chosen by Archbishop Malcolm to ensure that the diversity of the Archdiocese is well represented.

A Synod Member is a baptized Catholic who is...

Those who put themselves forward for this task agreed that they are willing and able to commit to the Synod process until June 2021. Members will be expected to be present for the one and a half days of the Synod and to attend a number of preparatory gatherings which will prepare them to work with other Synod members in their Pastoral Areas to lead local gatherings at each stage of the Synod journey.

Selecting Synod Members - A Guide for Parishes
       Selecting Synod Members - A Guide for Pastoral Areas