Members' Calendar

Revised and Updated July 2020. Download this Calendar [PDF]

1 September 2020: Reflections during the COVID-19 Pandemic close

The online portal for receiving proposals in the light of the challenges of COVID-19 will remain open until this date.

18 October 2020: Synod Sunday

A leaflet will remind the people of the Archdiocese of our four Synod Themes which will include any new reflections from the COVID-19 experience. This leaflet will also outline the revised journey and the immediate next steps.

18 October - 4 December 2020: Period of Reflection on Long Lists of Proposals

Members hold local gatherings in whatever way they are able to look at the long lists of Synod Proposals and listen to people’s views.

7 - 14 December 2020: Sharing Responses

In the light of the local gatherings Members share their responses to these proposals via an online system.

12, & 13 March 2021: Meetings of Synod Members: Presentation of Synod Proposals

Synod Members will receive the final Synod Proposals and be asked to return to their communities, consult on the Proposals, and discern their vote. (You attend on one of the 2 dates.) These will be online gatherings.

March - June 2021: Parish & Local Community Discussions 

Members will lead local consultation as they discern how they will vote on the Synod Proposals.

13 - 20 June 2021: Archdiocesan Week of Prayer for Synod 2020

Friday 18 June 2021: Prayer Vigil

Evening of prayer and reflection at the Metropolitan Cathedral

Saturday 19 June 2021: Synod Saturday

at The Edge, Wigan

Sunday 20 June 2021: Synod Sunday

In the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool

July 2021: Acknowledgement of Outcomes in Parishes

Please note: This is the new timetable for Synod 2020 but some of the details and venues may vary in response to developments in government guidelines. We will keep you informed.